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The Gift of Imperfection |How to Accept Yourself | Mental Fitness

Updated: May 9, 2023

Most of us are continuously judging ourselves for being so imperfect. That’s the attitude of the Judge within us. But the sage perspective is that everything can be converted into a gift and opportunity and that includes your own imperfections.

So today consider what are the gifts of your imperfection.

Let me give you a few examples. Consider the devastating impact on a child if a parent were truly perfect. The child with grow up with deep shame and guilt about not being nearly as perfect as the perfect parent. Similarly, consider the deflating impact on a team if the team leader were somehow perfect. All team members would constantly feel discouraged and inferior because they experience themselves to be imperfect.

There is no vulnerability in perfection. There is no humility in it. There is no possibility for others to connect with you, to feel similar to you. Perfection even if it were possible, would make us inhuman and impossible to relate to. Similarly I would never have wanted grow up without my imperfections or saboteurs. Why? Because that person would then have zero empathy and understanding of the saboteur related struggles that every other human being confronts every single day, they would feel so isolated and different, incapable of truly relating to others, or having compassion for how tough it is to be human and to have to deal with saboteurs.

These are just some examples of the gifts of imperfection.

Consider anything about yourself that you have been judging as imperfect, and then consider how it is already a gift or what you could do to convert it into a gift.

Today love yourself for the beautifully imperfect being that you are and appreciate the many gifts of that imperfection. Instead of judging yourself, today feel gratitude for your imperfection. And learn how to accept yourself.

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