You have the power to create a joyful future that enlivens you - your purpose.

Our work together will take you on a journey of discovery of your passions and divine gifts, providing tools for you to eliminate the barriers and obstacles to achieving your dreams.

My Philosophy


Science and technology are advancing at an amazing rate.  The pace of life has also quickened, and individual wealth has grown, along with our appetites for the trappings of success.  These external rewards have provided the illusion of progress, but have left a deep emptiness within.  As we move faster and suffer from related stress and anxiety, we find ourselves looking beyond our normal perspectives into the unknown.  We can see our externally oriented society is not taking us where we want to go.  A new outfit, car, or home will not fill the void we find within ourselves.  

- Phillip + Jane Mountrose


What you can expect working with me:

  • Creative solutions tailored to your specific goals

  • Find wholeness, peace, unity, harmony and balance

  • Transcend limiting beliefs

  • Achieve your most desired goals

  • Heal past trauma

  • Build strengths where there was weakness

  • Get rid of old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Build a healthy relationship with yourself, and therefore everyone around you

  • As an active participant in the process, you take control and responsibility for your own wellbeing



Living your best life means you are not simply surviving, but thriving.  In other words, you can more than exist. It means taking care of yourself so you can be your best - not only serving yourself, but serving others.  Living your best aligns your body-mind-spirit with the greater whole, for the good of you and all.  In turn, you become a creator, not just a survivor, which becomes your legacy to have an impact on the world.  

- Phillip + Jane Mountrose

Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching incorporates the best available techniques for mental and emotional exploration and transformation that are possible without using hypnosis.  It includes the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, serving the needs of the whole person.


A Holistic Coach is a person who is on the path to soulfully creating a magical, balanced, and fulfilling life, who partners with others who want to do the same. He or she takes joy in clients’ uniqueness, listens closely to help them to explore their greatest joy and excitement, and motivates them to make their dreams a reality. This is spirituality at its best!

A Holistic Coach enhances clients’ abilities to access and use their key strengths and purpose to intentionally design their lives. This approach brings the lofty realms of spirit down to earth. It can be broadly applied to different occupations and coaching needs, because it focuses on creating a whole life.

This holistic/spiritual approach also connects us with the miraculous nature of our reality, where anything is possible and miracles are happening all around us. Such transformational coaching requires us to be open, flexible learners. We need to step outside our comfort zone, which is where we are now, to do things differently and thus create different results.

In pursuit of these goals, we explore numerous healing modalities, tailoring the experience to your needs, your goals, and what works for you in reaching them.

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