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Why Coach?


The best use of life is love.  The best expression of love is time.  The best time to love is now.  -Rick Warren

Why do you coach?

This is a question that I am often asked.  While lots of  “professional” answers come to mind, the most accurate, succinct answer is best explained by the name of my coaching practice:

Hope to expect with confidence

Springs – a source of action and motion

Coaching – a partnership that yields purposeful action and sustained improvement

It’s been my experience that whether it’s coaching a recent school graduate, a mid-level professional or an individual transitioning to retirement, it always comes back to facilitating hope and effective effort in a manner that is caring and pragmatic.

In truth, I am very humbled and honored by this profession.   It’s a gift to hear someone’s story in their own voice.  It’s also a serious responsibility to respect a client’s confidentiality, listen actively, help clarify their goals and provide accountability and support toward achieving their aspirations.

Coaching is one of the key ways I put love into action.  I heard someone say once that having someone really listen is so close to love that you can hardly tell the difference.  I think that may be true.  Consider the last time someone really listened and you felt heard.

The coaching process is largely about asking good questions and heavily dependent on really listening.  Listening without judgment, accepting a client as they are; not as you think they should be.  There’s no room for “should do”, “gotta do” or “supposed to do”.  The focus is on the client’s agenda and the time spent is as they choose.  The coach puts their own thoughts and ideas aside in favor of the client’s, trusting that in time, the client will end up where they desire to be.

As a coach, I’ve met some wonderful people.  People that I’ve grown to respect and admire.  And, in a small, yet meaningful way; I’ve had opportunities to help them move forward in creating the life they want.

How could you not love a job like that?

Spring into Action:  What could you do today to express love and compassion to someone?

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