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Five Minute Friday: Small


Small is so often the beginnings of big.

Our children often dismiss small in favor of big.  Recently, my son insisted he needed the big, adult menu–till he realized there were no crayons with them.  He then retracted his request, ran over to the hostess and poured on his “youngest kid” charm to get a small, kids menu.  Adults often dismiss small in favor of big too.  We desire big titles, big jobs, big homes with big closets and big bank accounts.  Yet, there’s so much to be learned and gained from small things.

In our small homes, we live in shared spaces that we learn to maximize.  We spend less time vacuuming and more time being.  With a small bank account, we learn the value of a dollar and the joy of finding a hidden treasure at just the right price.  When our job is small, we often enjoy the career climb and the self-rewards of meeting new challenges.

Small things create opportunities.  Opportunities to get up close, examine and really see things in detail; while also seeing the potential for more.  It’s the small dots on the ladybug that transform it from an ordinary beetle to a source of childhood admiration.  It’s the tiny facets of a diamond that create it’s brilliance.  It’s the small fingerprints, not the handprint that make us unique and special.

Small encourages us to pause, lean in and examine.

Small things…a tiny finger wrapped around your pinky, a goodnight kiss from your beloved, a heart-felt thank you…

Perhaps our small life is big with the things that matter most.


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