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Five Minute Friday- Red


You ever notice how all super heroes wear red?  Think about it…Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, Captain America and even Mighty Mouse.  Okay, so Mighty Mouse is a bit ridiculous in the same sentence with the rest of those guys, but I can’t help but rally for the underdog…oh yeah, he’s a superhero of sorts too.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll start wearing my favorite red purse, hoping to garner some of the mojo of the super among us.  Red power ties, red power pumps, red lips pumped up…if it’s possible to fake it, till you make it; I’ll give it a try.

Schools in full swing again, the summer break soon to be a memory and I’m wondering why I’m feeling so tired when summer was “a break”.  Soon Friday night hamburgers will be replaced by pizza and afternoon skating with movie nights.  While there’s nothing like reading on the deck in the sun; Fall will bring with it welcomed change.  Red maple leaves, crock pot chili and shared thoughts of gratitude around the Thanksgiving table.

While I’m not feeling much like a super hero; I’m okay…and life is enough at this moment.  Perhaps Fall will bring with it a slower, even pace.  Maybe those shorter nights will allow for less running around and more easy going reading-evenings.  Till then, I’ll enjoy the last days of summer and paint my toes red.


  1. martha brady
    martha brady09-07-2013

    hi rose, i’m your fmf neighbor. enjoyed the red toenails:) i also enjoyed reading a bit about you and yours.

    • Rose Heyward
      Rose Heyward09-14-2013

      Good to meet you neighbor, even if by cyberspace. I look forward to continuing to get acquainted. Blessings!

  2. Osheta Moore
    Osheta Moore09-07-2013

    I love the stream of conscious cadence of this post! It’s like I’m sitting across from you as you’re reminisicng about the best of summer and what you’re looking forward to in the fall. I agree, I don’t feel like a superhero, but when I wear my favorite red sweater or carry my stylish red purse I exude some of that mojo. Love this post and your toes….super cute! Have a great weekend and blessings,


    • Rose Heyward
      Rose Heyward09-14-2013

      Thanks for the feedback. Blessings!

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