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Five Minute Friday: Lonely


Tonight is one of those unusual times when I’m home alone.  No hubby, no kids, no friends.  Me, my iPAD, a bag of Doritos, and a bottle of H2O.  It’s 7 PM and I’m in my jammies watching What Not to Wear.  I’d say, tonight I’d qualify as a candidate for the show.  This would be a time to feel lonely, yet I feel great.  I can hear the rat-a-tat of my fingers on the keyboard and no voices to pull me away.  I know Lonely, yet I haven’t seen hide or hare of him tonight.

They say one is the loneliest number, but I’m not convinced.

Lonely seems to show up when everyone is around.  Lonely wraps me in self-consciousness, blames me for not communicating, takes full advantage of my self-pity and urges me to not let this happen again; even if it leads to more isolation.  His voice is loudest when my unmet expectations are met with great photos of luxurious vacations on Facebook and visions of beautiful people with carefree lives seen through the rosy filter of social media.  At times, a perseverative echo– the weight of comparisons; crushing contentment and gratitude.

When Lonely shows up, I need to say “Shut up”.  You see, Lonely lies.

I see you, and  you see me.

I want to know you.  I want you to know me.

We are not alone.


  1. Bethany Grace Martin
    Bethany Grace Martin08-09-2013

    Hello, Rose! I’m your neighbor at Five Minute Friday, and your post made me smile this evening! I couldn’t agree more that “lonely seems to show up when everyone is around.” It does seem to come most often when I’m only thinking about me, or comparing myself to the crowd I’m with. Thanks for your challenging thoughts!

    • Rose Heyward
      Rose Heyward08-10-2013

      Thanks for reading it and taking the time to provide feedback.


  2. Michie

    yes,you will feel the loneliness when everyone is away. beautiful post
    hope you can visit my Five Minute Friday

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