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Five Minute Friday: Broken


Broken.  This word gives pause.  I’m a fixer.  Toilet clogged, plunger to the rescue.  Knee scraped, peroxide and Angry Bird band-aids on hand.  Document to edit, corrections made.  Sad situation, self-effacing humor lifts the mood.

Broken.  Fix, fix, fix…make things okay.  Do, do, do…are the words that reverberate in my brain with the rhythm of my pulse.  Grab a tool from the garage, check a you-tube how-to, ask a friend, consult a physician.  Check again and again.  Fix…it…fast.

So what is the lesson learned from broken?  Broken is not desirable, it is powerful.

Broken says to stop. 

Broken says think differently. 

Broken says explore options. 

Broken says release control. 

Broken says look up. 

Broken says you don’t have to go it alone.

Broken lives at the crossroads of the heart.  Broken asks for a choice.  Will you yield; embrace His grace?

  1. Loni

    Powerful and what hope we have!!

    • Rose Heyward
      Rose Heyward08-09-2013

      …appreciate your kind words. Thanks for taking the time to comment.



  2. Debra H.
    Debra H.07-27-2013

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on brokeness. It is all in the perspective! an FMF blogger

    • Rose Heyward
      Rose Heyward08-09-2013

      Thank you for the feedback.



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