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Five Minute Friday: Belong


We all need it.  We need it bad.  Babies die without it.  Teens reach for a synthetic escape without it.  Adults live a zombie state of dissatisfaction without it.


Yet it’s so illusive.


At home, it thrived like a tree in the Amazon.  Rose and Winston, Sue and Elaine were family.  In this place, there’s a space at the dinner table.  A swing-set to share.  A yard to watch the birds and take imaginary flight.


Outside the doors of this home; it’s a different story.


At school, you learn your limbs are too spindly, hair is too bouncy and too many words spill from your mouth with rapid speed.  “Chatterbox” and “Nosy-Rosy” are branded to your forehead without your consent.  A little black girl in a divided space.  Too brown in some circles, to white-like in brown circles.  Even teachers with kind eyes point out the difference… “Are your parents immigrants?”.


Belong.  It feels like my favorite teddy up to my face.  The slight smile on my Dad’s face.  My Mum’s holiday stuffing and a late-night tea talk with my Mom.  It’s when your insides are open, you are really loved and you are secure in taking it all in.



  1. Karly

    Beautifully put, and earnestly felt here on my end. I love the teddy bear part–I feel it.

  2. Dana Butler
    Dana Butler07-19-2013

    I so get what you’re saying. And I like your writing style. And ditto on the teddy bear piece. Love it. Thank you! 🙂

  3. denise

    such a lovely post, bless you.

  4. รับทำ SEO
    รับทำ SEO12-23-2013

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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